Whistlin’ Past the Klezmer

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We played a lovely set of concerts in Germany last weekend, one of them in a living room where Pernilla has been playing for years, even before this crazy band of worldmusicians joined her on stage. Turns out there was someone in the audience who knew her from way back when she was a hippie chick / singer-songwriter. And this lady was so impressed by some peculiar whistling technique Pernilla was using at the time (because, you know, as a solo artist you need some way of playing solos while you’re strumming chords, whether that’s on your guitar or on your violin; that’s why Bob Dylan pretended to play the mouthharp..). So, she and Ilse promptly rearranged a set of old klezmer tunes for accordeon and.. whistling. Have a listen 🙂


On the 13th of April we’re playing a full-length hometown concert in Arnhem – info coming soon!
(But it won’t feature whistling.. Probably.)

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